Check out my one of a kind nft

2022.01.22 11:17 Square_Mycologist_13 Check out my one of a kind nft
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2022.01.22 11:17 Alh12984 I’d like to know how soon can we get Bruce Pearl’s name on the court, arena, something? He’s, hands down, the best coach we’ve had, even if he doesn’t have the most wins (yet). We need a way to honor his contributions & commitments to our school, fans, students & other sports programs.

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2022.01.22 11:17 Turafo Kazuha or Yae miko

Currently i got 93 fates, guaranteed and high pity. I really really wanted kazuha/venti from the beginning (started playing November 2021). Now I'm hearing rumors that kazuha will return in 2.5 and venti in 2.6. And there is also the stunning yae miko, i really like her E to teleport around and letting the lightning strike enemies. I'm so confused on who i should use my guaranteed pity. My main question is: anyone know if kazuha will be in the first half of 2.5 and yae in the second or opposite?
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2022.01.22 11:17 AntiMaske04 I need an sandshrew

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2022.01.22 11:17 hankypanky77 Company Requires "Training Course" on Compensation...Literal Corporate Propaganda

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2022.01.22 11:17 MTB__4_LIFE My 3d printer used to be able to achieve 250 degrees with 100%fan but now from nowhere it can only achieve 220 degrees with 0fan

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2022.01.22 11:17 arazok Reminder: if you want to see this end, you need to do something about it. Today is the day

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2022.01.22 11:17 hexe6e6fa Lad is outside without a shirt on…

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2022.01.22 11:17 rattled_by_the_rush No Show - a masterpiece, a fucking 10

Seinfeld is known as "the show about nothing", but I think this applies to Sopranos many times. Some of the most phenomenal episodes of the show are the ones that nothing big happens, the story doesn't even move forward a lot. Just the characters doing mundane stuff - Second Opinion comes to mind.
But here I want to talk about No Show. It comes after a also very, very good premier "For All Debts Public And Private". That episode starts the second half, the dark one, of Sopranos. 9/11 cursed the show, the nearly sitcom sunny vibe of the first 3 seasons are over, and so are the good times - personally and financially.
No Show might appear a mere transitional episode but scene by scene is simply perfection. The darkness that would consume the show in season 5 and especially in season 6 starts subtly to take over, very slowly.
This is not an episode of death and destruction, but of slow decadence, people in difficult moment in their lives. Especially Tony's daughter and "son" - Meadow and Christopher. Meadow is using Jackie Jr death as an excuse to her indulgences and lazyness - but nothing is black and white on this show, I think she is also really depressed. We all have that moment in our lives in the early 20s where we are completely lost. Tony and Carmella struggle to help her come with scene after scene of perfect acting from the three.
Christopher is struggling at work, being misinformed by Tony about his duties and then unfairly criticized. He continues his downward spiral with drugs. Adriana is fucked with the feds - she was betrayed. She is too innocent for this world. Janice continues a relationship with Ralph. Everyone's decadence is clearly visible.
The final scene in the bathroom is pure perfection. Carmela in the bathtub feeling she failed her daughter - she can barely talk. Even Tony feels bad for her. The episode fades out in silent, both characters unable to talk and then "Kid A" starts - it gives me chills. Are Meadow and Christopher Tony's "Kid A"? It's the icing on the cake of a A+ episode for me
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2022.01.22 11:17 mxly1337 Genshin Impact EU Account - 52AR, Skyward Pride, 4x 5*, 5k primogems

52 AR 4x 5* - Childe, Keqing, Albedo, Qiqi 5000 PRIMOGEMS
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2022.01.22 11:17 LilliputianMouse Misgendering transphobic people ultimately harms the transgender community.

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2022.01.22 11:17 LilliputianMouse Misgendering transphobic people ultimately harms the transgender community.

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2022.01.22 11:17 Fiennes If you're looking to scratch that Settlers itch, the 10th Anniversary edition of Settlers 2 is on GOG for $3

I was lucky enough to get in to the Beta, and I have to say this game is a travesty. The sound, graphics, animations are all top notch - but this game has been butchered, I am afraid to say. This is the post I put in the official beta forums:
Christmas 1993 was quite special for me, as The Settlers released in November here in the UK and I received it as a Christmas gift for my Amiga. I played the hell out of the game, and the sequels up to about 4 when after that (in my opinion), Bluebyte ceased to innovate and I haven't touched them since. That is until this title was announced, I excitedly signed up and was happily looking forward to taking part in the Beta.
So let's start on the good.
The graphics (including animations) are great, and the ambient sounds are great also. The Art & Sound teams have done a great job bringing The Settlers franchise forward and not backwards. I liked the "bridges" that formed building houses close to other structures. Although the Hexagonal building/road building was not expected and for the first few minutes a bit confusing, it didn't take long to get used to it, and clumping stuff next to stuff became easy, so no arguments from me on this. The interface is crisp and well laid out. I kind of liked the food mechanic for more than mining operations.
Alright, on to the not-so-good.
I would have preferred not to have engineers that did multiple roles. Expanding territory using different sized military buildings is a simple, staple, part of The Settlers experience. Having an engineer go and muddle his way through territory expansion felt off. On the subject of the military buildings, they used to get occupied and attempt to defend themselves. Now there's a manual ability to trigger with a cooldown. This is not Overwatch. I understand the desire to innovate but this pushes in the opposite direction. Warehouses need work. Building a second one, the game appears to auto-balance things. Now this may not be a bad thing, but I think it should be an option. Also in the original games you have much more control on what is stored and, more importantly, what is NOT stored. There's an option to have a "minimum", but there's no "maximum", the latter could be included to somewhat control this. There is no way to set someone's "work area". This was useful in the original. For example, the logging camp would run out of trees to go, and there was another clump 5 metres further. You could adjust this to deforest that also. Having the woodsman stare out of his back window saying it's 5 metres too far is kind of funny. I'm not going to criticise the lack of Forester (although it would still be a good addition) due to the re-growing sections. There's no way to prioritise what carriers transport. This can be critical in tight spots. There's no way to prioritise what buildings get a certain type of resource. This can be critical. Why are the mines no longer in the mountains? Or at least, the low points of the mountains. Was this a technical issue because you only wanted to handle flat road building whilst the originals had no issues with elevated roads. The areas you prospect in glow (didn't like this), and are a bit featureless. In the originals, there was usually always some kind of resource in the lowlands of the mountain areas, and as part of your routine you'd prospect up there. I don't need the game to highlight random areas of not-quite-green terrain and tell me to send a prospector there. Looking at the Warehouse screen disappointed me as I realised (if my memory is correct) it seemed that there was about half of the resources/stuff you could make than in the originals. Why is there a shop? I note it's not operational for the Beta as you probably don't want anyone seeing what's in there. An explanation of what you can get, and why, would be a good move for you guys. If there's anything remotely pay-to-win in there, then that's an instant failure on before of Ubisoft Management. I can't imagine why we would need cosmetics as the different "tribes" have their own aesthetic. What are we buying? Why am I gaining XP? Is this tied to the shop? Where's the well dude with buckets? Water is a resource too. This ties in to the pruning of resources.
Possibly BETA/Bug Issues
There's little to no information on what some of the buildings do. "Recruits Man with Hat" doesn't tell me anything and why I should build it. Overly Aggressive AI. On my first playthrough, in the south, I didn't find iron/coal in time, couldn't create troops and my warehouse got destroyed in minute 51. Maybe I looked in the wrong direction? On Playthrough 2, starting in the North of the map, Iron/Coal were quickly found and I could raise a decent defensive army. As the enemy persevered over time however, something bugged out and although everything was in operation, the carriers (approx 50+) were standing around, I couldn't train troops due to the lack of movement of goods. Also at this time, although I had enough resources to build one more guard tower, all buildings were locked and the tooltip said "Missing Line". I have no idea what that means, but that's when I exited. No ability to just play on my own at my own pace to get used to the game (see aggressive AI). Warehouse disappeared at one point, but was still operational. Scrolling away and back again resolved it. Rotation was bound to my push-to-talk button on my mouse (a very odd button to bind it to). Would have been okay if I could have rebound it, but there was no way to do so.
So, overall, I understand the rants on this forum. In a few areas (mostly thematic/aesthetical), you've gone forwards. In many other areas, backwards. If you're trying to create an easier experience (lack of prioritisation/warehouse adjustments etc), just leave everything with acceptable defaults (like it is now), and let the micro-managers do their thing. You've caused more confusion with a lack of in-game information (perhaps that's a Beta thing as explained earlier), than with removing some things I feel really help the game.
I also resonate with those who have said you've tried to make it an RTS, when The Settlers was never an RTS, it was economy-simulator first, with military afterwards. It worked very nicely. I agree with the notion that everything is pushing the player to just build an army and go kill stuff. There are plenty of other great RTSs out there, if that's your jam.
As this is a Beta where you're bug-fixing, and not changing the base design of the game; I'm afraid although I am glad to be part of the Closed Beta, this will not be a purchase for me at this price-tag.
Thanks for reading this far.
Settlers 2 10th Anniversary looks great, and plays far better than this attempt. Save your money.
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2022.01.22 11:17 boredfoofoo Bengaluru: Engineer robs bank after loss in stock market, arrested

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2022.01.22 11:17 lifeforms_91 (Over18) Happy Saturday y’all !

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2022.01.22 11:17 randmnes_kid Im stuck

Im relatively new to skyrim and ive just killed gian the fist for his gloves and now im stuck and dont really know how to leave someone please help
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2022.01.22 11:17 freewaytrees Bought a used Top Flite 182 and patched her up

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2022.01.22 11:17 thehomeygrail KASENTEX 100% Cotton Decorative Bedspread with Floral Patchwork Design, Soft & Oversized for Better Coverage, Twin/Twin XL 68x90, Diamond Motif Blue/Ivory $89.99 + additional 25% off with code:25CQCRG8

KASENTEX 100% Cotton Decorative Bedspread with Floral Patchwork Design, Soft & Oversized for Better Coverage, Twin/Twin XL 68x90, Diamond Motif Blue/Ivory $89.99 + additional 25% off with code:25CQCRG8 submitted by thehomeygrail to redditdeals [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 11:17 Micsnotworking Is this rare?

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2022.01.22 11:17 EvanGooch ZOMBIE PAINTINGS unique 1of1 NFTs for sale.

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2022.01.22 11:17 1970Tango Java fern turning yellow

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2022.01.22 11:17 Carlituz Why do we keep getting complete tomes past 200m Arch?

Removing the chance to receive them at all past 200m seems reasonable considering you don't use the xp
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2022.01.22 11:17 Topjaws The seemingly immortal Keith Richards in Morocco, 1963

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2022.01.22 11:17 PENGUIN_ISLE_LOVER Offering specific dimensions for a design?

I cannot find this answer anywhere! Does anyone know if you can add specific dimensions to a design? I know there is a sell this design on "all options" or "this size only". Basically I want to sell an envelope in three sizes but Zazzle automatically includes sizes that don't fit my design. I have seen other shops offer specific sizes so I am just wondering if I am missing something!
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