snow_irl uwu

2022.01.22 12:29 Blue0ne-Derrick- snow_irl uwu

snow_irl uwu
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2022.01.22 12:29 aadm_bot LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga chega em Abril

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2022.01.22 12:29 cantherellus I think bonding is going well.

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2022.01.22 12:29 pleaseitsonlyaname [PS4][UK][EU][BF2042]Looking for chilled oot casual squaddies!

I've usually got crossplay on! In UK, but don't really speak English, lol! Can count to 10 in Spanish, French AND German tho! 😁Long time casual gamer just needing some friendly squaddies to run with when I'm on! Mainly on in evening during week, could be anytime at weekends!
EA ID - Siborg PS - Syborg
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2022.01.22 12:29 mammothformope Finally after all this time i have done it. My highest acomplishment in gaming.

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2022.01.22 12:29 TNnylonFeetLuv Feast your nose and lips on these beauties 😁

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2022.01.22 12:29 DukeThorion Need a bit (a lot) of help with multiple miners and scheduling

TLDR; Auomate switching mining software and configuration changes.
So here's the issue that I'd like help fixing:
Windows 10.whatever
Using XMRig to CPU mine Monero on a pool Solo Mine to Monero Daemon Using PhoenixMiner GPU mining ETH/XMR on M.O. Use same GPU in small intervals to solo mine ETH and solo mine RVN.
So, separate miners.
OK, so this is what I want to do. I want to switch the CPU Miner to a solo Miner (through Monero Daemon) for a specific duration and then switch back to a regular pool. I know failover pool addresses can be added in config, but they only work in the event of a pool error, but I'd like this to work without having to shut down the miner and restarting with the appropriate config.json. If you aren't familiar with XMRig, the config has to be changed to mine solo through the Daemon. So now this means two separate config files.
I'd also like to automate the switching of the GPU Miner. As I said it typically mines ETH on MoneroOcean. This is where it gets more complicated. I want to be able to run this config for the majority of the day, then switch to ETH Solo for an hour, and then switch yet again, but this time to Ravencoin Solo for an hour. I believe my Miner for RVN is using T-Rex. Another issue is my OC settings must change when switching to RVN from ETH (MSI Afterburner) and change back when it's time for ETH again.
So this is how it would all come together in theory.
CPU: XMR Config1 - run 23 hours XMR Config2 - solo mine Daemon 1 hour Rinse and repeat.
GPU: Mine ETH on pool using Phoenix 22 hours Mine ETH Solo on 2Miners 1 hour Change Afterburner Profile Mine RVN Solo 1 hour Repeat.
I tried using Windows Task Scheduler but I think I'm doing it wrong, because the initial process kept running while the new scheduled task ran as scheduled over top of the previous, causing instability and poor hashrate since both GPU miners were running simultaneously. The Scheduler could be a lot more streamlined and just say Start at X and stop at Y. I get lost in the options for triggers/events.
In sum, automate task killing, Mineconfig file switching, and MSI profile switching. If this is asking the near impossible, just tell me. I have no problem using the same mining software for GPU if possible, I used different miners originally just to keep things separate.
Thanks in advance for any advice/assistance. I assume this could be done with a superhero version of a batch file, but programming that correctly is beyond my ability.
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2022.01.22 12:29 420_lazeit Blocking and privacy q??

What would happen if someone shared an Instagram story with your @ in it, but someone that you have blocked sees the story? Like can they click on your name or does it just not show up with the @‘s?
I’m feeling quite anxious bc of privacy concerns in the past and it’d be too awkward to ask the girl to remove the story without seeming strange. So yeah does anyone know how that’ll work? Like could the blocked person click on my name and then know they’ve been blocked or does it all just say nothing? D:
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2022.01.22 12:29 ItsEnglish Blatantly ignoring that the Soviets did this too

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2022.01.22 12:29 Mulaw8 [Best Buy US] LEGO - Star Wars Imperial Probe Droid (75306) $47.99/20% + $5 e-giftcard.

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2022.01.22 12:29 ComprehensiveRain197 Jana’s IG Questions

1) how many times can she say it’s unfair that she has to still deal with Mike because she has to coparent
2) referring to herself as “the hot mom at gymnastics
3) talking about the good fight yet again
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2022.01.22 12:29 hoosierladyvol Looking for the Indy Star front page from 1/11/22

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2022.01.22 12:29 loka2050 looking for poject

hey guys i would love to get some project that for entry level so i can improve my skills and my porfolio i hope you can help me <3 <3
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2022.01.22 12:29 AdditionalSeesaw8790 مدچ افسانه ای🗿تازه قمقمه هم داره🤣

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2022.01.22 12:29 Particular-Case5104 Mac Monterey

Hello- I'm thinking about buying undertale, however, I would like to confirm whether or not it would run on macOS Monterey (version 12.0.1)
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2022.01.22 12:29 Hot-Body-777 Snow just apparently tastes better than anything else

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2022.01.22 12:29 HostComprehensive325 I want my wife to be slutty and have guys fuck her. She is so vanilla.

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2022.01.22 12:29 PeanutHakeem Estate Sale Finds Today

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2022.01.22 12:29 BoardGamesNews Happy City Game Review -[Meeple Mountain]- (R)

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2022.01.22 12:29 tothemoon412 Best places to shop (in person) for women’s snowboard gear other than Willi’s?

I won’t go into the unfortunate details about my current snowboard gear, but I’m heading to Hidden Valley tomorrow and need to purchase a new board, boots, and bindings today. I know I can rent the gear up there but I prefer to just buy myself an entirely new setup.
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2022.01.22 12:29 FoxieFoxxo Geometric Quilt

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2022.01.22 12:29 burner2938615 Fiancée doesn't love me, and doesn't know why.

Hey guys, burner account here.
TLDR at the end.
We've been together for over 6 years. She was always self conscious about her body and her health conditions and would constantly ask me if I'm sure I wanted to be with her? She'd ask me that almost every time we met. Maybe because she thought I wouldn't stick around through tough times perhaps, I don't know.
Eventually just over a year later I made it very clear to her that I would be with her until the end and proposed after receiving her parents blessing. She said yes.
Move forward a few years we both moved out together into a rental. We were both studying and working at the same time and during the course of that she injured herself pretty bad and damaged her spine which made if very painful to move around for a year.
The whole time she was on these opioid pain killers while she was on the waiting list to get surgery. I was pushing her around everywhere in the wheelchair for months, she couldn't wipe when she went to the toilet so I was happy to do that for her, I showered her, gave her massages, everything that a committed partner would do in times like that. I really cared for her.
Eventually she got the surgery and could finally ease off all the drugs she was on. This didn't come without a psychological cost...she believes that after that traumatic experience for a while year straight, that she has lost all emotions and feelings, not just for me but for everyone. Personally I'd say she's depressed, rightfully so.
We spoke about getting counselling and she took 1 session, that was it. Moving forward I assumed that she was okay from that point and we continued business as usual.
We worked really hard, saved up some money for a deposit, we bought a house. We got new cars for work, we started putting everything we had into our house. Doing great things I guess.
Then a few weeks ago we were driving and I asked her about kids, she may or may not be able to have kids but I was open to adoption or fostering, whatever she was comfortable with.
That was the point that turned everything upside down. She told me that she still didn't have any emotions and didn't want to have a baby and not be able to love it. I understood her pain, I brought up the counselling thing again and advised her that maybe she should take a few more sessions. She wanted to talk about it when we got home.
We get home...then she breaks the news that she doesn't love me anymore and wants to separate. I was totally blown away! I couldn't believe she just said that!
I tried talking to her about her decision. I was trying to ask her what I've done for her to lose live for me? I've never once yelled at her, abused her, hurt her, nothing at all. I cook for her, I clean, I bring money home, I don't see a single reason how I could've done anything wrong.
She can't tell me why she doesn't love me. I told her I at least deserve a reason, I've devoted 6 years of my life treating her like an absolute queen, I at least deserve some type of explanation as to how she came to that decision.
I asked her if we can fix this? Do you want to go to couples therapy?...nope.
I said so let me get this straight...We've spent 6 years together, we've bought a house, cars, we have a nice live compared to most. We've built this big Jenga tower and you just want to smash it all down without any attempt to fix anything? And she said yes. She didn't want to even attempt saving what We've built together.
We talked more about it over the next few days and she decided to move into a friend house for a bit because she thinks that will help her with emotions. Whatever it takes I said, just don't fuck this all up for nothing.
I've come to the realisation that all my friends and family are actually her friends and family. I don't have much of a family myself and I've never had many friends.
All her friends that she's visited haven't called or texted me once to see how I'm going, not a single word. I've just been at home by myself for about 2 weeks now trying to give her space. It's easy when you have friends to keep you company. I constantly think about the outcome day in day out.
Suicide has been on the cards many times for me, telling myself that it's easier to take myself out of the equation and let her have everything. But then I realise I don't have a will in her name etc. I'm kinda over the suicidal thoughts, but I hate it when It pops into my head because It's a bitch to fight off.
I just really hope that this time away will actually help. But the pain of what she's done to me already will remain for so fucking long. I can't actually believe she'd do something like that to me. Someone who literally wiped your ass for you when you couldn't.
I'm angry and hurt at the same time.
Anyway...any advice for dealing with situations like this?
TLDR: My fiancée of 6 years has recently told me that she wants to split because she doesn't love me anymore and can't tell me why.
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2022.01.22 12:29 acornlincon Genesect WB 8672 6162 7410

Genesect WB 8672 6162 7410
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2022.01.22 12:29 LoneBrightness The gang take their final bow after filming the finale.

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2022.01.22 12:29 West-Ad4183 Hotspot Location

What’s the maximum distance I can move my hotspot location in the app from the actual physical location?
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